An employee with a frontier permit in Switzerland is obliged to be covered by a health insurance. At the beginning of his / her activity in Switzerland, the employee is entitled to ask for an exemption from the Swiss scheme (LAMal) in order to keep the French scheme called SECU / CMU.

In the case of the SECU, the insurance premium is calculated on the basis of your reference tax income. With our calculator, simulate your premium by clicking on this link here

In some cases, the coverage of the SECU may be insufficient, it is generally advisable to take a supplementary health. Our partner, Allianz, offers 2 classic options to allow coverage on the top of the  SECU's treatment listed on this link here 


For more information or to receive a quote, please contact our partner directly by clicking here 

The employee also has the possibility to subscribe to Lamal insurance in Switzerland. The basic LAMal premiums are based on the country of residence for insured persons living abroad UE countries and they are not calculated on the income of the insured. The annual deductible is CHF 300 and the premium starts from 335 CHF up to 855 CHF per month for an adult, without including the accident risk (already covered by the employer). The premium for children starts from CHF 148 per month, including the accident risk.

For treatment in Switzerland, all types of care (urgent, necessary, scheduled) are covered by the health insurance and the treatment in France are reimbursed according to the legal reimbursement of the Social Security. Additional insurance could be subscribed with our partner.


Have a look on the benefits between the 2 countries  by clicking on the links below:

1) Benefits in Switzerland
2) Benefits in France

For more information and support please contact one of specialist advisors through our broker Symphony at their serviceline at +4121/613.55.73 or by e-mail by clicking on this link here

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