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Through this platform, we wanted to put at your disposal all the important information regarding your employment, In the meantime, you have the opportunity to download our m3 employee's regulations available here, for m3 Architecture available here and for Lake Geneva Prestige available here 


Our group has resumed your benefits below :

In case of an accident or illness ? 
In case of absence due to illness or accident, Employee must notify his/her Supervisor as early as possible and beyond one day. Employee must update their Supervisor to communicate the planned return to work date. If the absence lasts more than one consecutive working days, the Employee must provide a medical certificate that should be submitted to his/her Manager as soon as possible. Please note the validity of the medical certificate is limited to one month.
In case of absence due to an accident, m3 will pay 90% of his salary. In case of a sickness leave, Employee will receive 80% of his salary during 720 for consecutive 900 days as long as long as he provides medical certificate.

Accident's coverage after the termination of your contract ?

The coverage for these insurance (mandatory) is paid by m3 and lasts for the duration of the employment contract. The mandatory accident insurance is extended for 31 days after termination of the employment. Over this deadline, the employee has to conclude an accident insurance on his own and in case he has not fond a new job or registered to the unemployment office. Please contact our broker MicroGestion SA to help you in this process.

In case of disability ?

Invalidity insurance (IV/AI) is a compulsory social insurance scheme. Its purpose is to help reintegrate people who have been unable to work for health reasons into the working world. If they are unable to return to work, individuals are ensured a basic subsistence through the invalidity insurance pension.


You are entitled to invalidity insurance benefits if you are permanently unable to work or if you are not able to work for an extended period (or only partially) as a result of a physical, psychological or mental impairment (due to a disability you have had from birth, illness or an accident). You are also entitled to invalidity insurance benefits when you are no longer able to carry out regular tasks (e.g. household chores) for the same reasons.

Our broker is at your entire disposal for further information. 


In case of death ?

The inheritor of the employee is entitled to benefits in the event of death of the employee :


 If he  was insured on the basis of the pension regulations at the time of death or when the incapacity for work whose cause causes the death occurred; or


 If, as a result of a congenital disability, he had a work incapacity of between 20% and 40% at the beginning of the gainful occupation and was insured when the incapacity for work whose cause is the cause of death has worsened to at least 40%; or


 If, having become disabled before reaching the age of majority, he had a disability of between 20% and 40% at the beginning of the gainful activity and was insured when the incapacity for work originating from the cause of death has worsened to at least 40%; or


 If she received from the Insurance Foundation an old-age or disability pension at the time of death


For more information on spousal, partner and orphan's pensions as well as the capital paid to survivors in the event of death, your BVG Personal Certificate and BVG regulations will give you all the information you need. To know how to read your pension certificate, please click here.

You are pregnant ?

Employees are entitled to 16 weeks of maternity/adoption leave with pay to be taken immediately following the birth, provided the Employee has been insured by the Swiss social contribution (AVS) during 9 months prior to childbirth and has worked in the Canton of Geneva for at least 5 month prior to childbirth. Anticipate return to work is allowed by law, as from 8 weeks after giving birth.


The daily indemnity paid by the maternity insurance corresponds to 80% of the Employee’s salary with a ceiling amount of CHF 148’200.-/year or 196 CHF / day (in 2017). However, m3 will pay the full monthly salary during the maternity leave period.

What else offered by m3  ?


For employee who is living Geneva, and doesn't have a fix contribution for his travel expenses, could ask for a reimbursement of the TPG annual 's subscription (presentation of proof is required). For employee who is living in France and Vaud could ask for a refund of their subscription but capped to CHF 500 .- per annum.

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