The management of m3 is committed to protecting and preserving the health and safety of its employees, with the main objective to reduce accidents and preserving the health of everyone.
m3 REAL ESTATE subscribe to the MSST solution and has appointed Christine ADANK as health and safety correspondent who is your main contact person indeed.
Since 1 January 2000, the "MSST Rules" asked Swiss companies to focus on the health and safety of their employees, in particular by calling specialists and taking preventive measures. ERGORAMA SA, an ergonomics, health and safety services company, offers companies a solution for implementing this "ERGOrama standard solution" directive, a solution approved by the Federal Coordination Commission for Safety at Work.
What is MSST?
Employees of the company ERGORAMA SA, are also at your disposal to answer any questions on this topic and about your safety and health at work (eg health problems or relationship troubles). These action are free and the confidentiality of the interviews is guaranteed. No contact with the company will be taken without your formal agreement. You can contact them:
6, route des Acacias
1227 Acacias
Phone number: 022 830 09 09
Employees are always welcome to address their own complaints to their supervisor or human resources.
Emergency numbers
First step: Securitrans 051 225 12 12 => safety of the station, fast intervention (equipped with a defibrillator) intervention for safety and health
Police: 117 (from the internal 0117)
Firefighters: 118 (from the internal 0118)
Ambulance: 144 (from the internal 0144)
Poisoning: 145 (from the internal 0145)
The catalog of training is open to all employees and is available here
Specific training will be set up by ERGORAMA for concierge and technical managers.

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